Monday, March 25, 2013

Yummy Treats...

I'm preparing for our family's Easter Picnic this weekend and I always like to do something special for all the kiddos...usually special snacks packaged in some kind of cute little way. So while browsing the store the other day I happened across these super cute little "Bunny Grahams". They're like Teddy Grahams but shaped like bunnies instead...oh then the ideas started flooding my mind! I picked up 2 boxes of Bunnies, a bag of pretzel bits, white chocolate M&M's and my favorite...Peanut Butter M&M Eggs :)

I'll make a "Sweet and Salty Mix" for the younguns...but how will I package it for them? For me...the way a gift is packaged is just as important as the gift itself. I looked at printed cellophane bags, cupcake boxes, cookie tins and printed ziplocks...but it just didn't do it for me :( I'd all but given up when I went in search for some more plastic eggs to fill with non-candies (I'll share my ideas on that in tomorrows post). I found these adorable little "eggs" with flat bottoms so they'll stand up right!!! PERFECT!!! They were 3 for $0.97 at Walmart....I could not resist and I could not wait to get them home and start filling them with my yummies!!! 

I got a big ol' mixing bowl and started pouring in the goodies (...not without quality control tasting of course...this is a must...DO NOT skip this step ;) Doesn't this look like a yummy treat?

Not only do I love to package things in pretties...I love just as much to present them in super fun ways :) I found a basket in the back of my "save it cause you'll need it one day" section of my supply closet. (I've been saving this basket for over 3 was part of a baby shower gift from my cousin when I was preggers with my now 3 yr old daughter). So to my husband, "Yes, I will have a use for it eventually!" But I did not have any grass and I was NOT about to make a trip back to the store for plastic string! I remembered having saved (yet again) those little plastic leis that we used as party favors for my babies' birthday party this past year. I cut them in half and unraveled them and it made this really cute curly looking stuff...perfect! All piled together in the basket looked just like green grass.

Ok, so...yes...I know that up there ^ its purple...but I forgot to take pictures of the process in green (I just got too excited in the moment) So I went back and for all of you...demonstrated this process in purple, per request from Sissy (for those that do not know...this is what my daughter thinks her real name is).

I hope the kids love their bunny treats as much as I do! I know that Bubba and Sissy are dying to get their hands on them...

Even our demon (cat) Sundae got in on the lei action today. Wyatt said it was cold today and she needed a here she is for your viewing pleasure...
(please excuse the husband has been doing some sheet rock work
and apparently has no idea how to hang plastic to protect the rest of the house
and keep it from looking like a winter wonderland!!!)

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